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Live in the moment … or not

“Be fully present in this moment. Live in the present. Now is the only moment you have.” I mean… yeah, I guess. It’s decent advice, and it’s been repeated by everyone from Tolstoy to Oprah, so it can’t be wholly wrong. But how does living in the moment square with that other aphorism: hope […]

What is Reembody?

The fitness world is changing and Reembody (pronounced Re-embody) is right here to help it along. The “no pain, no gain” model of fitness has been around too long and done too much harm; it’s yesterday’s training. Today’s trainer is smarter and more sophisticated, relies on research and rejects fads.

Reembody is Kevin C Moore‘s contribution to the movement. It’s about separating fact from fiction, injury from challenge and good people from bad ideas.

But most importantly, it’s about reconnecting people to their own bodies.