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Do It Pain-free: Cardio

NSCA CEUs: 1.0 High-stress, high-rep workouts are the challenge of choice for endurance seekers, calorie burners, and limit pushers. Tabata, TRX, bodyweight athletics, 10ks, marathons, ultramarathons: each of these requires an athlete with grit and discipline. But too often, that athlete can lose the ability to distinguish between a challenge […]

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3 Tricks to Finding a Great Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are like romantic comedies: there are loads of them out there, new ones are made all the time, and most of them are terrible. Nobody understands this better than good personal trainers. With so much choice, you’ve got to be sharp if you want When Harry Might Sally and not From Justin […]

What is Reembody?

The fitness world is changing and Reembody (pronounced Re-embody) is right here to help it along. The “no pain, no gain” model of fitness has been around too long and done too much harm; it’s yesterday’s training. Today’s trainer is smarter and more sophisticated, relies on research and rejects fads.

Reembody is Kevin C Moore‘s contribution to the movement. It’s about separating fact from fiction, injury from challenge and good people from bad ideas.

But most importantly, it’s about reconnecting people to their own bodies.