Build a Better Butt: Glute Activation in Everyday Movement

Since you’re looking at a screen in 2016, you probably already know that the glutes are having their day. Fitness companies are cashing in on “booty-blasting” workouts, usually with some variation of the following exercises: squats, deadlifts, donkey kicks, glute bridges. (Over and over, forever. Repeat until dead.)

For the record: Reembody doesn’t fetishize one body part (or body size) over another. We believe that every part of your body should be useful, pain-free and functional.

We ordinarily avoid jumping into the fray of fitness fads, but we felt compelled to offer an antidote to this one, because “booty blasting” can actually be counterproductive to other health-related goals.

Building stronger, more functional glutes doesn’t have to take the form of endless squats and donkey kicks. Some of the most effective glute work isn’t necessarily done in the gym, but rather in a thoughtful sequence of exercises that target one’s particular pattern of compensations and weaknesses.

Enter, Reembody.

In this 2-hour workshop/class, you’ll learn about the mechanisms of this misunderstood muscle group, put your new knowledge to the test with some fun exercises and drills, and get a tailored program for building the best butt you’ve ever had.

Be prepared to take notes, ask questions, and get a great guided workout.



  • Evoluationary function and importance of the glutes
  • Side-dominance and laterality: how to tailor your glute workout to your side-dominance patterning
  • Test for strength and side-dominance behavior

Break (5-10 mins)


  • Stagger-stance slump fall
  • Flamingo lifts
  • Glute bridges

Changes to daily movement

  • Standing on non-dom. leg.
  • Strengthening non-dom vassus medialus
  • The 3 things you should never do in your next “butt-blasting” class

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