Regenerative Nutrition with Dr. Angela Cortal


May 13, 2017


Training Day PDX

5516 SE Foster Rd.

Portland, OR 97206




What your put in your body has a direct effect on how your body feels. If you suffer from fatigue, digestive issues or chronic pain, the food you eat will play a tremendous role in your recovery process.

Through lecture and hands-on cooking demonstration, this two-hour workshop will show you how to easily eat for better bone, joint and heart health. This interactive class will teach you how to eat for your specific nutritional requirements, and give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its best.

Students will make and enjoy two recipes that are proven to decrease inflammation and increase cellular regeneration.

50% of all proceeds will be donated to The Eco Project, a local nonprofit organization that provides evidence-based nutrition education on the use of food as a means of preventing instances of chronic disease.

This workshop is presented with the support of The Reembody Method.


Dr. Angela Cortal, ND, is a published author, international speaker and Portland-based naturopathic physician specializing in prolotherapy and regenerative medicine. Her office is at Heart Spring Health,  819 SE Morrison Street.