The Pelvic-Floor Puzzle: Practical Solutions for Stress Incontinence


February 24, 2017 (10 AM–1 PM)


$80 Single Class

$140 for this class plus “Build a Better Butt” (Feb. 24, 9-12 PM) or “The (un)Common Core” (Feb 24, 1-4 PM)

$198 for all three classes


Pelvic-floor weakness affects nearly 1 in 5 adults; some 25 million Americans struggle with stress incontinence as a result. These numbers are higher among new mothers, older adults and people recovering from abdominal surgery.

Fortunately, there is a solution; the first step is to remind the brain how to fire these muscles in the first place. By understanding the fascial lines that connect the pelvic floor to the rest of the body, you retrain the brain to turn on the pelvic floor muscles automatically—no Kegels required!


Founded in Hong Kong in 2012, the Reembody Method™ applies the principles of physics to human movement, with a focus on laterality and proprioception. By understanding the mechanisms that transfer force through your body, we help you get stronger—faster.


Reembody Method™ founder Kevin C. Moore is an EBFA /BTS Master Trainer, STOTT-certified Pilates instructor, NASM/ASCM CEC provider and avid cyclist. His work has been featured on CNN, the Huffington Post and the South China Morning Post.