Build a Better Butt: Glute Activation in Everyday Movement

Since you’re looking at a screen in 2017, you probably already know that the glutes are having their day. Fitness companies are cashing in on “booty-blasting” workouts, usually with some variation of the following exercises: squats, deadlifts, donkey kicks, glute bridges. (Over and over, forever. Repeat until dead.) For the record: Reembody […]

Fearless Feet: Turning Pressure into Power

If you’re losing power in your pedal stroke, running stride or backswing, the problem probably starts at your feet. Inefficiency is both a precursor to injury—and the most significant barrier to stronger performance. In this 5-hour workshop, we’ll explore common inefficiencies in the lower body and provide effective, sustainable measures […]

Do It Pain-free: Cardio

NSCA CEUs: 1.0 High-stress, high-rep workouts are the challenge of choice for endurance seekers, calorie burners, and limit pushers. Tabata, TRX, bodyweight athletics, 10ks, marathons, ultramarathons: each of these requires an athlete with grit and discipline. But too often, that athlete can lose the ability to distinguish between a challenge […]

The (un)Common Core: Abdominal Strength with Purpose

Most core-focused fitness regimens waste your time with endless variations on fruitless abdominal squeezing. The Reembody Method has something entirely new to offer you: comprehensive core training protocols capable of keeping you in control of every last pound of force the earth can throw at you. This 2.5-hour workshop will […]

Do it Pain-free: Lunges, Squats, and Presses

Targeted at gym enthusiasts, personal trainers and physical therapists, this workshop teaches basic principles of physics and biomechanics that can quickly—and permanently—solve persistent exercise problems like aching knees, foot cramps, wrist pain, low back pain and neck tension.

Sabre Performance from the Ground Up

The first law of biomechanics for the athlete is that power moves from the ground up: generated in the feet, charged in the hips and core and released through the shoulders, wrists and hands. This is what you are made for.