Better Balance for Seniors


2.5 hours


50 participants


group exercise room or outdoor movement space

Targeted at the active senior, this workshop addresses a concern that is nearly universal in the senior community: getting and keeping your balance. De-mystifying the function of the human foot is a crucial step toward putting people back in control of their own movements and empowering them to remain active as they age. This workshop will deliver powerful, current information about the foot and its relationship to the rest of the body, as well as practical tips for integrating that information into safer, stronger patterns of movement.

This is an active workshop; participants should come prepared to move. Open to attendees of all experience levels.



Balance Theory and Side Dominance (laterality)

Balance is composed of three distinct but cooperative systems: vestibular, visual, sensorimotor. We have control over only one of those.

Joint Security: a Different Definition of Strength

Learn how to “turn up the volume” on information reaching the brain from the environment. The result is that the brain can communicate more effectively with muscle tissue, creating immediate strength and security.

The Three Parts of Foot

The foot contains just one load-bearing structure and two sensory structures; practice exercises that allow the different parts of the foot to perform at their best!

“Launching” vs. “Loading”

Each of your legs can do two different jobs; solving the puzzle of poor balance means making sure that both legs can do both jobs well.

Moving Drills

Moving barefoot, even for short periods, can be an extremely powerful tool for training the muscles and brain to prepare for sudden shifts in weight. Practice these weight shifts with the following drills:

  • Floor to feet/Seat to feet
  • Roll downs
  • Tug of war
  • Vestibular and visual walking variations

Falling safely

Learn how to sense a fall coming, and what to do if one does.

Q&A and follow up

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Moore for two years now. Kevin brings an energy and enthusiasm to his presenting that automatically engages his audience. His level of knowledge, detail and passion for movement and the body makes him one of the best in the business.

Ryan Mannix,
Triathlon Australia coach educator, NSW Australia

His insight and knowledge are what make Kevin Moore stand out in the field of body mechanics practitioners. Every time I have worked with him, I feel like he “gets me". Not only that, his remedies are life-changers. Another friend described him as a genius; I feel he's a wizard (magic included) because time spent with him produces amazing results.

Connie Voss, Nurse