Do it Pain-free: Lunges, Squats, and Presses


5.5 hours (including breaks)


40 participants (larger groups can be accommodated by request)


Group exercise room

A workout should be challenging, but does it have to be painful? What if you could have the sweat, the strength, and the gains but ditch the ice and the ibuprofen?

In this workshop, you will learn how to approach the exercises you’re already doing, but smarter, by learning how muscles load and unload, and why your “stronger side” probably has your weaker glute. We’ll unpack the gait cycle, track how forces move from the great toe to the posterior hip and see how it all culminates in a stable shoulder and wrist. You’ll learn the theory and the practice in the same afternoon, and watch yourself move in a different way every day after.

This is an active workshop plus lecture: participants should come prepared to move and take notes.

Open to attendees of all experience levels.


Over 5 hours of combined movement and lecture, participants will break down traditional bodyweight exercises into their biomechanical components and build something safer and smarter from the pieces. 

Introduction (15 minutes)
Intro to Biomechanics (60 min)

What is the role of . . .?

Ground reaction forces

Framework of the Human Gait cycle

Launching vs. Loading (45 min)


Predicable patterns of vulnerability

Lunch (30 min)
Lunge Breakdown (60 min)
Squat Breakdown (60 min)
Pushup (60 min)
 Q&A (30 min)

“The Reembody workshop with Kevin Moore was an excellent educational experience for anyone in the fitness industry- or anyone who just wants to move without pain. I appreciated Kevin's enthusiasm, sense of humor, and and logical approach to assessing movement. He definitely helped me find more efficiency in my body and re-think how I move.”

Erin Nichole Boyt -Dancer/choreographer/group fitness instructor

“Mr. Moore is an enthusiastic, experienced, educated presenter. He covered a profound amount of material during a fun and fascinating afternoon. Relaxed and charming in front of a large group, he managed to learn our names and made an effort to give each of us some one-on-one attention. Really remarkable. Afterwards, several of us were so high on epiphanies, we stayed to talk through our favorites. Several weeks later, I continue working on ankle and foot mobility and allignment. Not a doctor, ortho, podiatrist, trainer, instructor, coach or body worker ever noticed how little my right ankle everts, a revelation that may break the cycle of injuries and pain I've endured since childhood.”

Colleen Gray - Graphic Designer/Group Fitness Instructor