Effortless Power through Functional Breathing


4 hours


40 (Larger groups can be accommodated by request)

As something you do over 20,000 times a day, you would think there isn’t much more to know about breathing.

But it is precisely because we do it so often—the only motion the human skeleton performs more frequently than walking—that we must understand the nature of how we breathe, and why. We know a little about the chemistry of our need for oxygen, but what about the physics of breathing? Where does the force come from? How do our bones and muscles respond?

In this intensive look at human functional breathing, learn about the fascinating mechanisms at the root of the breath cycle, and how these mechanisms can enhance—or disrupt—every movement you make.

In this workshop we will:

  • Explore the Reembody Method as a novel approach to human movement and the foundational principles of why it works.
  • Take a quick tour of the anatomy of breath, and explore the connections between breathing and stress.
  • Watch your anatomy in action! We’re all aware of the diaphragm, or “breathing muscle,” but the actual breath cycle includes predictable movements throughout the body—most notably in the skull and pelvis—which we can use to generate power and security.
  • Learn to apply your developing control over breathing to challenging exercises and drills that will help build strength and endurance
  • Restore the body to balance and calm. Learn how to apply what you know to a variety of meditation styles and stress-reduction techniques

This is an active workshop plus lecture; participants should come prepared to move, sweat and take notes.

Open to attendees of all experience levels.