The (un)Common Core: Abdominal Strength with Purpose


3 hours.
(Full-day version also available)


40 Participants.


Large indoor athletic facility

Most core-focused fitness regimens waste your time with endless variations on fruitless abdominal squeezing. The Reembody Method has something entirely new to offer you: comprehensive core training protocols capable of keeping you in control of every last pound of force the earth can throw at you.

This 2.5-hour workshop will explore:

  • The evolution of the abdominal wall (and diaphragm) and how its purpose informs its use
  • The inherent efficiency of the transverse plane
  • New cues and exercises to enhance any workout, from rehab routines to elite athletics
  • The effect of neurological side-dominance, and how to streamline your training and recovery

Be prepared to take notes, ask questions, and get a great guided workout!

A detailed worksheet will be provided to all participants. Ultra-soft Reembody Method™ T-shirts will be on sale for $18/piece.