Wrists Still Bothering You? Try This.

When I wrote the last wrist pain article, I was thinking a few, narrow demographics would get some good use out of a simple piece of advice.

I was half right: the advice helped, but “few” and “narrow” are not the words I would use to describe how many people appear to be suffering somewhere on the spectrum of wrist discomfort.

So here is another little trick for finding stability: grip strength!

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This is a means of creating balance through the joints of the upper body. After you’ve practiced the exercise above and, hopefully, felt the activation of the tissues discussed, those same tissues should be more willing to participate in a functional way in whatever activity you already had planned.

As always, have fun with it and leave your experiences in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Wrists Still Bothering You? Try This.

  1. I love, love, LOVE this post. I wish this had been up when I damaged my wrist years ago. I’m sending this to my mom pronto – she’s had such problems with her wrists since she had carpal tunnel surgery. Thank you!

  2. hey, thanks for sharing the tips. i am diagnosed de quervain after few days of practicing hand stands. still have painful wrist that enable me to put any pressure on them, so i am pretty restricted in practicing now. any advice to help me feel better, and my wrists and grip stronger? thanks

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Thank you very much for this great trick. It helped me tremendously to improve both my push-up and pull-up technique. I became much more aware of the imbalances in muscle use since I implemented it. My dominant side was doing most of the work and was getting extra-tense in the process :-p

  4. I find the pain I get is in both flexing directions. It hurts a lot to do a push up or push myself up off the floor after sitting. But it also hurts to flex the other way when I go to put a bag into my shoulder. Usually it out only in my right wrist, but recently it’s in my left wrist too. The pain comes and goes, but recently it’s been hanging around longer each time. Do you think these exercises are going to help my pain?

    1. I’m not sure if it’s arthritis, because sometimes the pain radiates up to my fingers and it can make them feel hot. When it gets this bad I’ll wear a wrist brace. Then usually I’ll take an anti inflammatory and try to baby that wrist to avoid making it worse. What do you think?

    2. I do. The dysfunction applies in both directions, it’s just that most people feel only notice the pain during intense actions, of which weight-bearing exercise is a common form.

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