Alexander Stokes

Alexander Stokes

Portland, OR
(503) 707-7804
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About Alexander

Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM), AA in Fitness Technology from PCC (2018), Reembody-Certified Apprentice (RCA-20) - 2017

Alex is slated to graduate from Portland Community College's Fitness Technology program in 2018; his scope of study includes the epidemiological roots of obesity and disease, as well as the medical costs associated with inactivity.

Alex understands the importance of educated fitness instructors; after a deadlifting class with Reembody-Certified Practitioner Megan Ursin, he was hooked on the idea of pursuing the career himself.

Alex took a Reembody workshop with founder Kevin Moore, and immediately took to the idea of laterality (side dominance patterns) as a diagnostic tool. He is attracted to the idea of using data and evidence not just to improve athletic performance, but also to prevent injuries and muscular fatigue. In his own words: “There is more to fitness than just trying to look a certain way.”

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