Colleen Gray

Colleen Gray

Tacoma, WA
(253) 666-2446
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About Colleen

BA, cum laude, CSU - Chico, GroupX Instructor, Reembody-Certified Apprentice - 2017

Colleen is an erstwhile graphic designer who now spends her days refurbishing houses and teaching group fitness and yoga.

Colleen can't sit still. She is also easily distracted. Over the course of her life she has participated in everything from sandlot baseball and horseback riding to strength training and Jazzercise™. A short list of her more consistent efforts include: running distance for the first women’s tract and field team at the University of Cincinnati; maxing scores on an ROTC fitness test; and completing 199 hours of a 200-hour yoga teacher training. She has also volunteered at the YMCA teaching step aerobics and Silver Sneakers™.

Colleen learned early on that loving to move does not guarantee sustainable movement patterns. Painful joints lead her to study anatomy, functional movement and rehab strategies with little relief until stumbling upon the Reembody Method™. As a self-declared Reembody evangelist Colleen recently said, "There is nothing more death-defying than learning to move well. I am beyond excited to use the Reembody Method to help others achieve the feeling of immortality that a reliably strong, accomplished and pain-free body provides."

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