Daniela Kyburz

Daniela Kyburz

Zurich, Switzerland

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About Daniela

MSc. Sports, RCA (2018)

Daniela is a decorated track athlete, having spent more than 10 years as a competitve sprinter. As both a coach and athlete, she is fascinated by the minute of movements that contribute to speed. 

In 2018, shortly after completing the RCA-20 in Switzerland, Daniela completed a Masters degree with a specialization in professional sports at the Swiss Federal University in Magglingen, where she worked as an athletic trainer.

Through her dedicated training and my personal development in competitive sports, Daniela came to a simple realization: “In training,” she says, “the quality of movement must come first. This is the only way to guarantee long-term performance, which is ultimately essential for sporting success and healthy everyday life. In addition to the injury prevention, I attach importance to a method and exercise selection that allow the greatest possible transfer to the target movement. My work also always incorporates current scientific findings.”

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