Gillian Byers

Gillian Byers

Newberg, OR

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About Gillian

Gillian is a body-positive, ACE-certified personal trainer who designs classes for all levels and abilities.

Gillian loves taking the intimidation out of exercise so her clients can enjoy life with more ease! As a body-positive, ACE certified personal trainer and Reembody Certified Apprentice, she offers training and classes suitable for all levels and abilities. She offers classes both online and in person from her space in Newberg, Oregon.

Gillian's philosophy on health is simple: feel-good exercise is not just for a select few. "If you have a body, then strength and movement belongs to YOU!," she says. "I help you build trust with your body so you can work with it to get stronger and participate in your life with more ease. The journey of letting go of body hatred is an often-challenging journey, but one I've found to be well worth taking. I'm here to support you."

Gillian has been an active member of the Reembody Apprentice Program since 2019, when she completed both Level 1 (RCA) and Level 2 (RCAP). (Reembody Editor's note: Gillian also has the rare distinction of having watched some 150+ hours of archived videos within our closed apprentice group. Her knowledge and devotion shines through in everything she does!)

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