Heidi Matz

Heidi Matz

Barrow, AK
(503) 875-7577
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Heidi Matz, LMT

About Heidi


Heidi is a licensed massage therapist and Reembody-Certified Apprentice-Practitioner (RCAP). She has been practicing in the health and wellness field for over a decade.

When Heidi Matz, LMT, RCAP, first met Reembody-Certified Practitioner Megan Ursin, it changed her entire philosophy around her career, and the role she could take with her clients. She went from simply offering massage to offering strength training and self-empowerment, teaching her clients to listen to what their body is saying.

The Reembody Method® dovetails with Heidi’s natural inclination toward social harmony and listening to one’s intuition; the “black box” of somatic awareness is a big part of her personal philosophy. Heidi grew up during a time when ADHD was first coming into public consciousness; she wanted to be a part of alternative healthcare. Her philosophy: "Keep it simple and LISTEN!"

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