James Campbell

James Campbell

Seattle, WA
(206) 650-3816
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About James

B.A. German, U Chicago (Illinois), Certified Life Coach (2014)

James is a consummate woodworker and 40-year practitioner of tai chi.

James has lived in Seattle since the early 90s, but grew up in Chicago in a hundred-year-old house. He spent a few years in New Haven Connecticut working in a custom furniture shop, and spent a year in Austria in college. He has been a professional contractor (including remodeling, restoration, cabinet and furniture making) for the last 30 years.

Old houses aren't the only thing James is interested in honoring and preserving; he met his first tai chi teacher in 1976, and it profoundly shifted the trajectory of his life. He began to integrate the feeling and movement into his daily life; moving meditation including sensing hands (also called push hands) is a significant part of his life.

James' journey to the physical health has been, at times, a rocky one. He suffered numerous injuries to his left (non-dominant) side of his body, and developed compensatory shapes to cope with pain. Reembody has been an important part of the slow unwinding process of decades of pain and movement dysfunction. "Kevin has been a wonderful guide and supporter as I've healed my body," says James. "His clear explanations, along with guided specific movement, have helped me recognize a much fuller range of motion, as well as better alignment."

One of James' current creative projects utilizes photos used as palettes and "seeds" for new imagery. He is also in the the process of developing a program to deal with trauma through tai chi, free balanced movement, art, and life coaching.

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