Jennifer Pilotti

Jennifer Pilotti

Carmel, CA
(831) 233-4094
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About Jennifer

BS Exercise Physiology, MS Human Movement, ASCM Health and Fitness Instructor, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, RYT-200, MovNat Level 1, GMB Trainer, DNS EXT, RCA-20 (2017)

Jen is a renowned expert on human movement and biomechanics; she writes for Breaking Muscle and other popular online fitness blogs.

Jennifer is a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry, with nearly two decades in health and wellness fields. She pursued this career out of a desire to help people feel more at home in their bodies. Jenn believes that by helping people get in touch with their physical strength and proprioceptive awareness, it reaches into other parts of their lives.

Jenn discovered Reembody through a friend, who introduced her to the work. She liked the holistic, individualized approach to helping people reach their physical potential. Jenn completed RCA-20 training in November, 2017.

In addition to maintaining a full roster of clients and a popular social media following, Jenn regularly writes articles about human movement; her most recent work appears in Breaking Muscle and Think|Movement.

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