Jordana del Feld

Jordana del Feld

Berlin, Germany
(917) 742-3602
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About Jordana

Triple BA in comparative literature, theatre design & writing, MFA, Theatre & Film Design (NYU), TEFL/TESOL-certified, Certified in Structural Integration, Morales Method, Thai Bodywork, Author, “Chronicles of the Unseen” Philosophical Essays (2017), Reiki Master, RCA-20 (2017)

Jordana is a tango instructor and author of Chronicles of the Unseen, a collection of philosophical essays. She prides herself on being a “traveling gypsy”; she calls both Berlin and San Francisco home.

Jordana found her way to a career in health and wellness through dance. In pursuit of becoming a better dancer, she strove to learn everything there was to know about bodies and people. “I love a good puzzle,” she says. “I saw too many disembodied people drifting miserably through life, [and] I knew what it is like to be in pain.”

Her defining moment as a healthcare practitioner came when she helped a woman undergoing breast cancer find peace through a Reiki treatment; her client shocked her doctors by needing no pain medication afterward. Her fitness philosophy is based on holistic healing: real health is equally about mind-body-spirit and heart. Says Jordana: “Dance isn’t about where you put your feet; it’s about where you put your mind.”

Jordana found herself pulled toward Reembody methodology because it explained the holes and confusion in just about every physical practice. She found it elegantly simple, logical and effective in its ability to get people out of pain and into their bodies. Jordana strives to give her students tools to improve their own lives instead of doing things for them, as she understands what it’s like not to have control. Jordana’s ultimate goal is to ensure that her clients are active participants in their own processes.

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