Joshua McGirk

Joshua McGirk

Denver, CO
(720) 935-9980
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About Joshua

Josh is a talented massage therapist and C-IAYT based out of Denver, Colorado. He completed his first RCA in 2018.

"I believe that healing from pain and moving into great health requires a strong team effort," he says. "My job is ultimately to teach you how to feel and connect to your own body so you can be pain free and live better."

Josh's approach is different from traditional LMTs; he works with people who have pain rather than just working on the pain iteself. He merges massage techniques, yoga therapy and Reembody methodology to see the whole body, not just the parts in pain. "By identifying the support [your body] needs in the moment [will] reduce the pain you’re feeling," he says.

What can you expect from a session with Josh? In a word: empowerment. "You are at the helm of your own health and wellbeing," he avers. "I expect you to show up, be willing to participate, and seriously want to get better. You may be surprised that the spot where you’re feeling pain is not the actual cause of your pain, so our work together is to figure this out. You can expect homework to move yourself out of pain and then into more strength and suppleness."

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