Karin Collins

Karin Collins

Seattle, WA
(206) 898-5048
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Momentum Energy Arts

About Karin

Tai chi Instructor, MELT Method Practitioner, RCA-20 (2017)

Karin combines over tens years’ experience teaching Taiji & Qigong with the brilliance of the MELT Method to provide clients and students with many options to make their daily living more comfortable and to achieve their goals.

She began practicing Taijiquan and Qigong in January of 2000 and quickly knew that it would be for a lifetime. She has been teaching Taiji and Qigong since 2003 in Seattle. Karin became a MELT Instructor in 2013 and provides classes and workshops in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in the MELT Hand & Foot Treatments and the Whole-Body Soft Roller method.

She has a wide variety of experience working with people of all ages, fitness ranges, with chronic pain issues and athletes. Karin has an easy-going personality, she is patient and compassionate about her clients’ and students’ experiences. Her classes are lively, full of laughter and inspire the body to calm, relax and repair.

Karin is the founder of Momentum Energy Arts, based out of Seattle, WA.

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