Katherine Kozioziemski

Katherine Kozioziemski

Livermore, CA

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Owner/Operator, Kozi Yoga

About Katherine

BS in Psychology, Santa Clara University, 1997

MA in Spirituality, Santa Clara University, 2002

Certified Yoga Teacher, Living Yoga Program, 2005

Whole Birth Yoga Instructor, 2006

Certified Group Exercise Instructor, AFAA, 2008

Certificate in Meditation, Allegra Learning Solutions, 2019

Certificate in Mindfulness, Allegra Learning Solutions, 2019

Reembody-Certified Apprentice, 2019

I grew up in Orangevale, CA (near Sacramento) and currently live in Livermore, CA.  My family and I have lived here for 13 years.

I’ve been working in wellness and fitness since 2005, when I completed my Yoga Teacher Training.

What first brought me to a career in health and wellness was my own pain and discomfort in my body.  I was diagnosed with IBS at 24. The doctor (who was quickly fired) I was seeing at the time, without discussing any lifestyle changes, prescribed me a medication and sent me on my way.  I decided I was too young to be on a medication, so set out on my own journey to feel more at home in my body. Movement, and particularly yoga, seemed to be the healing ingredient that I was missing.  All IBS symptoms disappears in just a few weeks.

Since then, yoga and movement has become so much more to me and my body and it drove me to teach others.  I hope to bring peace and ease to the body through yoga and movement. I enjoy working with every body type and age and have worked with clients from 3-99, including pre-school yoga, elite athletes and chair yoga for limited mobility.

What brought me to Reembody was a simple curiosity.  I signed up to take a workshop with Kevin at a yoga conference and it ignited more questions than answers.  I switched my schedule around to take a second workshop and began to talk about how this method would translate to swimming.  Kevin came to Livermore to lead workshops for swimmers and yoga/pilates/movement instructors. I discovered that the more I learned about The Reembody Method, the more I wanted to know.

Now that I’ve done the training, my favorite part is its simple elegance.  Every body on this planet has tendencies when under stress or threat. Reembody teaches us to recognize, sense and respond to what is happening in the body at any given moment.  With that information, a Reembody practitioner can then make a choice about how to support a client in their body to unravel that stress. With applications to every kind of movement, from walking to yoga to swimming, Reembody is for any person with a body.

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