Kim Kommers

Kim Kommers

Seattle, WA
(206) 390-4384
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About Kim

BS Industrial Technology - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kim felt the effect of the Reembody Method on her body from the very first workshop; she became an RCA because she had to learn more.

Kim Kommers grew up in Southern California, but she has called Seattle her home for more than three decades.

As she was getting older, starting in her early 30s, various problems began to manifest in her body; none of them were predicated on a known event or injury. Kim noticed that they made a zigzag in her body, and she began to seek out the source of the structural issue instead of treating the individual bits. Her pursuit of holistic medicine — that is, medicine that treats the whole person, not just the symptom — led her to the Reembody Method, in which she began her apprenticeship in 2017. She has found the remedy proposed by the Method to be functional, accessible, and immediately helpful.

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