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Megan Lammers

Portland, OR
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About Megan

License Clinical Social Worker, Oregon (LCSW), Licensed Advanced Social Worker, Washington (LASW), Certified Personal Trainer, National Association for Sports Medicine (NASM), Reembody-Certified Apprentice (RCA) - 2017

Megan Lammers is a Mental Health Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oregon and Washington and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Megan is a lifelong athlete and lover of physical movement. She grew up playing competitive sports and was honored to play Division 1 Women’s soccer at Loyola University of Chicago. Megan continues to enjoy many forms of exercise, including team sports and can routinely be found hiking with her beloved dog.

Megan believes that we all inherently have the capacity for deep healing within ourselves. She practices mind-body medicine and engages with clients using a trauma-informed, culturally affirming model of therapy. Megan sees her role in her clients healing process as eliciting and supporting a deep connection between mind, body and spirit.

As a psychotherapist, she finds theories that focus solely on thoughts and emotions to be limiting; and has seen the effect of psychological trauma on the physical self. “Only after a person feels comfortable and confident in their body,” she says, “can they truly feel safe, secure and confident psychologically.” Megan discovered the Reembody Method™ through her coach, Reembody-Certified Practitioner Megan Ursin, and discovered that it fit beautifully with a holistic approach to healing.

Says Megan: “By respecting and understanding the way human bodies and minds develop defensive tendencies toward protection, we can then offer other ways to move and live that result in less pain, less fear and more joy.”

Megan is available for mental health therapy and personal training sessions.

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