Michele Stutzman

Michele Stutzman

Huntington Beach, CA
(509) 888-9870
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About Michele

Certified Life Coach, Certified Power Pilates Instructor, YMCA GroupX Trainer, Cooper Institute, Les Mills GroupX-certified, Zumba Instructor, Cycling Instructor, Tabata, TRX, Reembody-Certified Apprentice (RCA-20) - 2017

Michele teaches popular group fitness classes, and also writes and stars in her own fitness-focused television program.

Michele hails from Washington State, just outside Seattle. In 1981, a friend invited her to an aerobics class—and she was hooked. She has devoted her life since then to the pursuit of all things movement-related, accumulating over three decades’ experience working in the health and wellness field.

Michele’s fitness philosophy centers around the idea of balance: being able to sense when something is out of alignment, out of sequence, or out of place in a person’s life. As she sees it, her job is to help clients find the perfect equilibrium between stability and mobility. Says Michele: “The defining moments in my career are when a client sees a shift or change within themself—and I get to witness and be a part of that.”

Michele stars in a New Life Television show called “Fitness in your Day”.

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