Rachel Henneck

Rachel Henneck

Seattle, WA

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BA (Liberal Studies), CPT (ACE), BodyPump®, MELT Method (Level 1), RCA

Rachel is a certified personal trainer who holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College. In addition to completing the RCA-20, Rachel is certified in the MELT Method®, TRX® and BodyPump™. She completed the RCA in 2019.

Rachel grew up avoiding P.E. classes, favoring involvement with music and academics, but secretly wishing she had been a ballet kid or gymnastics kid. Finally, after finishing college at 19, she picked up going to the gym and discovered group exercise. She was recruited to teach before long and never has looked back as it took over her schedule.
Her approach is both straightforward and syncretic; she seeks the most complete understanding of human movement and body change within her scope of practice. By employing the Reembody Method, Rachel delivers results quickly while keeping clients and participants safe. She challenges her students to do more than just follow her instructions; she encourages them to learn more about movements to meet their own needs instead of relying on outdated models for programming.
As a personal trainer, Rachel is unique in that she values intensity, technical precision and therapeutic value equally. Her recipe for a private client adjusts this blend based on the client's own goals and assessed needs. Her goal, while providing a workout, is to educate her students enough to understand why exercises are chosen, how to execute them accurately, and to prevent residual stress in the body from showing up later as strain or injury.

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