Roxanne Jafari

Roxanne Jafari

Los Angeles, CA | Clearwater, FL
(818) 522-8637
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About Roxanne

Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Neurosomatic Specialist, Aston Patterning Apprentice (Practitioner in Oct. 2018)

Not all body nerds are created equal—and Roxanne Jafari is a case in point. As a bodyworker, she consistently rises to the top of her field in every new endeavor.

For as long as she can remember, Roxanne has had an intrinsic fascination with pain: where does it come from, why do we have itn and how do we create positive change from it? Roxanne has spent years studying perception: how one person’s experience may yield a different physical or emotional response in the body. Roxanne’s goal is to empower people to experiment on themselves to better understand these mechanisms. She aims to reduce the suffering of others through loving kindness and unbiased information.

That last part is where Reembody comes in. Roxanne discovered Reembody through a friend, and became fascinated by the consequences of stress on the body. Stress, she discovered, affects nearly every part of the body and its processes. “Reembody gives me tools to reset neurological patterns and better help people who are in pain,” says Roxanne, “and better tools help my clients find their way to self-reliance.”

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