Trenton Kowalczuk

Trenton Kowalczuk

San Marcos, TX
(832) 643-8678
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About Trenton

BS - Therapeutic Recreation, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), Reembody-Certified Apprentice (RCA) - 2017

Trenton has always been active and body-aware; it was through this mindset that he began to experiment with the idea of movement as medicine.

Trenton's fitness philosophy is founded on the concept that everybody deserves to move pain-free; his thoughtful yoga and movement classes are grounded in compassion and genuine care. Trenton hopes to break down barriers for anyone approaching fitness for the first time—or anyone harboring doubts about what their body can do.

Trenton discovered the Reembody Method™ after watching a friend’s video of Reembody-inspired yoga; he has since applied the Method to his own yoga practice, as well as his other passion: stand-up paddleboarding, with astonishing success. In his own words: “The Reembody Method has changed my life.”

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