Erin Boyt

Erin Boyt

Portland, OR
(206) 641-1148
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Founder, Version Excursion Dance Company

About Erin

BA Theatre, Drury University, Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA), Raynier Foundation Grant Recipient - 2017, Residency Recipient - James Ray Residency Project,  
(Seattle International Dance Festival) - 2017, Reembody-Certified Apprentice - 2017

Erin is the Artistic Director of Version Excursion Dance Company. She is a dancer/choreographer, personal trainer filmmaker and model.

Erin has been a dancer all her life, but began suffering from chronic back pain from her early adolescence. She tried every traditional means of fixing it, from chiropractic adjustments to massage and physical therapy—and nothing worked until she tried the Reembody Method™. She is now eager to share her newfound knowledge of this movement modality with her own clients. In her own words: “Reembody helps people feel connected, both physically and emotionally.”

Erin is the Artistic Director of Version Excursion Dance in Portland, Oregon and a personal trainer at Training Day PDX.

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