Hope for Healthcare, Episode 2 | Doing Better for Menstrual Health with Taylor Harris

The Reembody Method presents the documentary mini-series, Hope for Healthcare: where patients and providers share the messy, intimate, real stories that have defined their relationship with healthcare—and might just help you define yours. 

“This person was acting like I’m an inconvenience, when the point of this is for people to have their inconveniences, and not to be treated like one.”

Taylor harris

On this episode, Kevin and Beck are joined by Taylor Harris (she/her).

Taylor is a PNW local who loves exploring the great outdoors and finding new ways to create joyful movement in her body. Years of struggle with mental and menstrual health had a powerful impact on Taylor’s relationship with intimacy.

Her experiences have pushed her to become an advocate for compassionate care for all.

You can follow Taylor on Instagram @tayshumanself

Taylor Mentions

Dr. Tanya Painter, Evergreen Naturopathic

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