Life has suddenly gotten very weird. I wonder if you, like me, catch yourself preparing to do something—something simple, like meet a friend for a drink, go to the gym, run an errand—only to stop yourself mid-step and think

Wait, no, it’s closed.

Oh, yeah, they’re sick.

I don’t know, I feel nervous.

And then you’re standing there in the entryway with your coat half on and a distant look in your eye, just kinda stuck there.

You’re feeling things right now, and a lot of those things are likely unpleasant. That’s normal. Change is scary and adapting takes energy. Whatever’s going on in you right now is really you, and it’s ok.

Feeling things is the basis of all health. As you struggle with the fact that you can’t get to the gym, or visit your local massage therapist, or play soccer with your friends tonight, remember this one thing you can always do for your health: feel.

Like everyone else, we have for the time being suspended in-person Reembody sessions. Online sessions, however, are very much available. We’ve used the online format to connect with our worldwide audience for years: let us use it now to connect with you.

The world may be shutting down, but your body isn’t. It’s feeling all of this. You can participate in that feeling, and improve your health by doing it.

If you want help with that, we’re here.

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