Hope for Healthcare, Episode 3 | Marginalization and Self-Advocacy with Dawniel Miller-Harrison

This is Hope for Healthcare, where patients and providers share the messy, intimate, real stories that have defined their relationship with healthcare–and might just help you define yours.

“I have been one of the more privileged members of the BIPOC community when it comes to healthcare because I’ve always had really good jobs, but unfortunately that does not change the cultural insensitivity that exists in the medical field when it comes to BIPOC.”

Dawniel Miller-Harrison

In this episode, Kevin and Beck speak with Dawniel Miller-Harrison.

Dawniel immigrated to the United States when she was 16 years old and struggled through poverty, homelessness and racism to receive adequate care.

Even now, as a middle-class adult, self-advocacy and perseverance are mainstays of her healthcare relationship as she, her lesbian partner and her gender non-conforming children seek out the care they need.

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