Day 4: Recap, Case Studies, and Q and A

Live Participants: 28

Recorded on: March 28th, 2020

The situation we’re all in has evolved quickly, and will continue to evolve quickly in the coming weeks. Let’s take this day to go back over topics and concepts that need clarification.

In addition, I will prepare clips from my own online sessions to demonstrate principles which we can discuss as a group.

And of course, ask your questions! Your practice is unique, and I don’t want to leave anyone’s needs unaddressed.

So, what now?

This is only the beginning. There are several ways you can continue to engage with the process, and get support from the Reembody and MYPO community of practitioners while you’re at it:

1. Link up with a practice buddy

You can [register here] to be assigned another practioner looking for some online practice. Trade sessions, encourage each other, and let the kinks work themselves out organically.

Even if you’ve already done one of these, just [let us know] if you’d like to be linked up with someone new!

2. Get online sessions with Kevin

Whether it’s for seeing the online format in action, or to manage your own health and wellness (or both!), an online Reembody Method session is a valuable resource. Schedule [here].

3. Join the Reembody Method Apprentice Program

It’s uncertain how things are going to go in the latter-half of the year, but one thing is certain: we will either be putting on our scheduled apprenticeship trainings as planned, or we will adapt them to online delivery.

If you know you want to be part this program, [register now] and we will honor your registration for any future apprenticeship event. Registration will allow you to immediately participate in the closed Reembody Apprentice FB group, as well as join our free, twice-weekly office hours discussions.

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