Day 1: Adapting your Method

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Recorded on: March 20th, 2020

We all provide slightly different things for our clients, and our clients come to us for different reasons. How a personal trainer meets with their clients online is going to be different than a counselor, or a massage therapist (you heard me right—even LMTs).

Task number one is identifying exactly what it is you provide for your clients. Together we’ll walk through a process of defining that thing very concretely, only to then widen that definition into something more abstract. When we bring it back to a concrete application, it will be one you can offer from a computer screen.


Live Text Transcript:

Tiffany Thoen : Hi everyone! So glad to see all of you! Excited for this! 
Joshua McGirk  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Super proud to be moderating with you today, just FYI.
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Joshua McGirk(Privately) : Yay, me too!! Thanks:)
From  Emily Corso  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Thanks for the invite to this!
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Emily Corso(Privately) : HI!! So glad you made it! 
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  lisa tongel(Privately) : Hi! So glad to see you made it! 
From  lisa tongel  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Hi Tiffany!  Thanks for letting me know about it.  I’m glad to be here. Nice to see you.
From  Heather Rider  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : I am an anxiety specialist who uses energy work and intuitive guidance and coaching
From  Dana Highfill  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Float therapy, massage therapy, sound therapy. Personally I also offer readings.
From  lisa tongel  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Hi, You know I’m an acupuncturist. 🙂 I guess that fits into somatics. SO that’s great!
From  HannahManson  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : I am a recreation therapist! So my work is focused on both mental and physical wellness and overall quality of life
From  Ellen Letten  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Brain health coaching for cognitive decline, but also managing a facility of 40 practitioners and educators.
From  Joshua McGirk : Thanks everyone! I’ll pass these along to Kevin.
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Heather Rider(Privately) : Ohh, love that!
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Dana Highfill(Privately) : What a cool way to bring in multiple modalities! 
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  HannahManson(Privately) : Love that! Sooo beneficial! 
From  Ellen Letten  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Running triage for them from London, my biz is in Chicago 🥴 So grateful to be able to share this resource with them
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Ellen Letten(Privately) : That is a huge task in a normal setting….so glad you are here and doing so much to support them so they can continue to help!
From  Tiffany Thoen : What problem is that discomfort solving? 
From  Tiffany Thoen : Rather than soothing, can I give my clients permission to do that uncomfortable behavior to keep themselves safe? De-stigmatizing 
From  Taylor : When someone comes in and says they have pain, one of the question to ask yourselves is what is the thing the brain would rather hurt than feel?
From  RosiG  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Can you give examples? Hard to relate to my experience with clients.
From  Tiffany Thoen : pain is not random, we are moving through the world in ways (strategy) to keep ourselves safe these strategies have consequences…
From  Taylor : Not broken – just solving a problem. Is this the only way to solve that problem?
From  Katherine Kozioziemski  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Pain can be mental, emotional or physical.  
From  Tiffany Thoen : Feeling called to share my own experience- testimonial! Kevin healed my 10 yr old back injury (I had been diagnosed with a couple of herniated discs and seen many, many providers with little progress) now my pain is completely gone. 
From  Taylor : Can we make it safe to feel uncomfortable? 
From  Jenn Farrington  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : This is so fascinating, and it seems to sit on the edge of my scope as an LMT in OR… any thoughts on how to navigate avoiding falling out of our scope?
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Jenn Farrington(Privately) : Great question, I will bring it up with Kevin momentarily. In the mean time, thinking about what is under tension and pain for your clients? 
From  Taylor : Visualization is a very potent tactic. Possibly imagine mirroring and moving with them as they get up and down off the floor. This way you can possibly imagine what they might be doing. 
From  Taylor : Permission to make a conclusion – and be totally wrong about it. 🙂 
From  Taylor : Practice makes progress 🙂 as Tiffany said, trust that your sensing touch can still come through this platform. 
From  Tiffany Thoen : Be open to abstraction to serve your clients better, so you can be as effective as possible 
From  Tiffany Thoen : Feelings are sometimes uncomfortable, its ok to be uncomfortable, and we can make it safe to be uncomfortable
From  Taylor : Deficit of touch is going to create emotions in us.
From  Taylor : Anxious, lonely, unworthy, a lot of narrative around deficit of touch. And that’s okay.
From  Taylor : Be messy and curious together! So much growth and learning to have. This is a new way for others to access some services they possibly couldn’t afford, or have time to attend, or have the emotional/courageous bandwidth to show up in person.
From  Tiffany Thoen : Why do they come to see YOU?
From  Taylor : What is it that you do in your private sessions that give people a sense of connection? 
From  Joshua McGirk : What is your inherent value that only you can bring to an online program?
From  Joshua McGirk : There is no template to follow here, other than your safe space modality.
From  Tiffany Thoen : It’s the way you make somebody feel safe? What is special about that? How can you bring that in? 
From  James M Brody  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Concern regarding understanding capabilities regarding mental health. Pushing scope capability in this realm may lead to a situation that the practitioner is not equipped to deal with.
From  Taylor : To anybody’s monkey brain saying you don’t have or are struggling to believe that you have any value to add – you do. I promise, if you’re here, you do. 
From  RosiG  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Much more sensation, more awareness
From  Tiffany Thoen : We can mitigate some of the pain by allowing them to experience their own bodies. Can your clients hands be a proxy? 
From  RosiG  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : How does the practice you mentioned earlier of imagine mirroring them and moving with them change the relationship? How does it overcome the barrier of apparent separation by distance?
From  Trenton Kowalcuzk  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Good morning, I love the feedback and moderating skills you showed. I shared the post to a recreation therapist page on fb. It’s good to see we got one on. As a recreation therapist, this has been fun work to play with.
From  Taylor : Day 1 – Abstraction
Day 2 – Tools and Mechanisms and how we deliver Online
Day 3 – Connecting with people, intimate space while not in the same room
Day 4 – Clips of Kevin’s online sessions, prolonged Q&A
From  Taylor :
From  Taylor : The face is one of the most rich sensations of how a person feels. What you’re watching what someone is going through it creates a model of that in you.
From  Taylor : It helps you feel close and seen. 
From  Allyna Steinberg  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : that’s very cool
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Allyna Steinberg(Privately) : Thanks! Love it soooo much:)
From  Tiffany Thoen : recovering people pleaser
From  Taylor : Tiffany I feel seen
From  Joshua McGirk : People pleasing is a very noble profession that’s served us all very well.
From  Erin Eichenberger, LMT  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Thanks for naming the “recovering” bit…I don’t necessarily want to praise the people-pleasing part in myself despite the fact that I can see it is a source of “safety” for me
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Erin Eichenberger, LMT(Privately) : Yes! For me I had to work through that after serious burnout. But its still a tendency that comes up sometimes, and I am fluid soooo, lol
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Erin Eichenberger, LMT(Privately) : I mean fluid in that ever changing, not related to gender
From  RosiG  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Is there any conflict with charging for online service as a massage therapist when cannot touch, limited by scope of practice, license?
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  RosiG(Privately) : Not that I am aware of, would double check with your licencing body, I know many Reiki providers practice online
From  Amanda MacDonald  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Music always counts!!!
From  Tiffany Thoen  to  Amanda MacDonald(Privately) : Such a great way to experience richness of the human experience. 
From  RosiG  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Oregon. Call it something different, yes!
From  Tiffany Thoen : negotiation, co-creation
From  Tiffany Thoen : Thank you!!!
From  RosiG  to  Tiffany Thoen(Privately) : Thank you for this discussion of my question. Helps a lot.


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