Hope for Healthcare, Episode 12 |  with Tam and James Gronewold

This is Hope for Healthcare, where patients and providers share the messy, intimate, real stories that have defined their relationship with healthcare—and might just help you define yours.

“I said ‘Tam, I need to leave the hospital; I have to get out of here or they’re going to kill me.’”

James Gronewold

James Gronewold has lived all of his adult life in a wheelchair due to a paralyzing automobile accident when he was just 17 years old. Although diagnosed a C-6-7 quadriplegic, at 64 years old he has a full and happy life.  Married with two children and two grandchildren, he recently retired from a career with the Federal Government after 38 years of service.

Tam Gronewold is a Personal Fitness Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with her own practice in University Place, WA.  With an emphasis on trauma resolution and a strict no-shame policy, Tam lives to help others find health, enjoy movement and appreciate all that their bodies are capable of.

The two met and fell almost instantly in love in the autumn of 1988 and married in July of 1989.  Navigating life and healthcare has been a constant challenge for the both of them—but they have faced the best and the worst the industry has to offer together for nearly 32 years. 

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