Creative Goal Setting for 2021



Zoom Meeting (online)



At the end of a year like this, it’s normal to feel unmotivated, foggyheaded and directionless. You are not broken, and you are not alone. Is it time to allow a shift in your perspective?

The Reembody Method uses eye patching as a means of quieting the part of the brain that does the most talking. This allows us to hear the parts of ourselves that are harder to understand—and that can help us set smarter goals.

“Eye patching” refers broadly to the practice of covering one eye while doing creative or perceptive activities. Because our individual eyes have unique connections with the opposite-side hemispheres of our brain, covering one eye at a time temporarily alters how the brain thinks, yielding valuable insights and even physiological changes that can be beneficial.


In this 4-hour workshop, you will be led through three eye-patching activities interspersed with fascinating lectures that highlight the science behind this unique practice.

Whether you are gearing up for a new you in the new year, or just trying to manage the stresses of today, this workshop will help you understand and articulate your needs and motivations in ways that will ultimately serve you better.


The class will be 100% online. In addition to an internet-connected device, you will need:

— An eyepatch (available on Amazon or at your local drugstore)
— A journal or something to write in
— Basic art supplies (pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc)
— A space that offers a little privacy