Private Room



Getting Unstuck: Moving the Mindful Body

Sunriver, OR



$1180—SOLD OUT

Shared rooms available for $980

Emotional pain lives in the body. True healing — whether from trauma, stress, or maladapted ways of thinking — incorporates both physical and mental health.

This immersive, four-day, three-night workshop merges individual and group processing opportunities to explore your brain/body connection. Through movement, food, rest and community, you will learn how to identify our own psychological guarding patterns and where they live in the body. We will give you the tools to help process difficult moments—and you’ll discover a community of new friends to help you along the way.

Sunriver, Oregon provides a beautiful backdrop for healing and reflection. You will be staying in a beautiful shared house that doubles as a place to process: a literal physical space to separate you from your old habits. Enjoy optional hiking, kayaking and paddleboarding—and then return home to relax in the hot tub! Enjoy healthy, delicious food between group discussions, movement intensives and optional private sessions with our highly trained workshop leaders.

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