Speaking UP, Standing OUT: Marketing Fitness Responsibly



February 27, 2019 - 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM


Free for Reembody-Certified Apprentices or anyone registered for the RCA-20

$35 for the general public

Tell me what this brings to mind:

Chunky stencil lettering.
Men with enormous muscles looking needlessly serious.
Scantily clad women doing squats (or hip thrusts, or yoga…).

It’s fitness marketing. And it’s all the same.

It’s popular because it works. And it works because it preys upon people’s insecurities.

It’s pretty easy to make money in fitness by doing what’s been done before. Shame provides an endless wellspring of interest in “fitness” as we’ve come to think of it: booty blasting, fat burning and muscle shredding.

But here’s the real challenge as a responsible fitness professional:

Can we market our services without first making our clients feel fat and weak? Can we, like our medical counterparts, first do no harm?

Of course we can.

Marketing fitness responsibly can feel like leaving money on the table. There’s also the fear of reprisal from your peers. (“Bro, do you even market?”)

This 75-minute interactive webinar is for anyone in the industry who is tired of fitness as usual.

Topics to be covered:

* Establishing a brand that stands out from the rest
* How to get liked
* Hashtags, stories and shoutouts
* Graphic design for dummies (like me)
* The hierarchy of (social media) needs: friends before fitness
* Ensuring continuity between social media platforms
* Building relationships by fostering your online community
* Increasing site traffic with SEO (search engine optimization)

Izarra Varela Moore, MSc (PCPsych), is the Business Manager for the Reembody Method.

The Reembody Method, now in its sixth year, has a devoted following of nearly 3,500 followers from all over the world. We’ve grown consistently from a guy at a computer to an international brand with nearly 70 apprentices worldwide. And we got here without any scantily clad fitness models!