The New Model of Wellness



Zoom Meeting (online)


$198 per course

Early bird rates

  • The New Model of Manual Therapy: $148 before June 7th 2020
  • The New Model of Fitness: $148 before July 1st 2020
  • The New Model of Mental Health: $148 before August 1st 2020

The Reembody Method connects what we think, how we feel and the way we move into one elegant, accessible practice. With it, providers are more powerful, and clients more empowered.

Social distancing makes gathering for our apprenticeship trainings impossible—for today—but the demand for care doesn’t rest. We’re meeting that demand with three online modules, each adapted to introduce the power of the Reembody Method to a different provider class.

Click the one that best describes your practice:


My practice includes elements of more than one of these. Which one should I choose?

Each course is rooted in the same methodology, with the delivery tailored to the specific needs of the practice listed. Whichever one you choose, you will receive the basic tools to begin incorporating this new info into your work. Pick the one that you feel you need the most help navigating in these uncertain times.

Is there any reason to do more than one?

The scope of practice for each of these products is slightly different, and the practice-specific insights will be valuable to you. If you work in multiple arenas, consider registering for multiple courses.

Is there any obligation to attend a live training later?

None at all. The tools learned during these modules are yours, free and clear. When live training is again an option for all of us we’ll hold to our promise of applying your tuition to the full event should you choose to attend.

Will I earn CECs?

These courses all have CEC potential with a variety of governing agencies. If you are interested in earning CECs, let us know what agency oversees your practice and we’ll let you know what’s available!