Hope for Healthcare, Episode 8 | Providers: Be a Person, Not a Method : Kevin C. Moore and Beck Beverage

This is Hope for Healthcare, where patients and providers share the messy, intimate, real stories that have defined their relationship with healthcare–and might just help you define yours.

Kevin C. Moore (L) and Beck Beverage (Rt)

What does it take to be a practitioner who does what feels right with your clients in those unscripted, emotional moments—while still adhering to evidence-based practice?

How do you define to others what you are when you have a lot of different skills and knowledge?

And, as a client: how do you find the person who’s really going to help you feel better?

Join Beck and Kevin to discuss insights into these questions and more from our latest episodes with Dr. Emily Splichal, David Orozco, and Olivia Cadence Luxe.

To connect with Kevin and Beck check out:

Kevin: @reembody on Facebook and @reembodyme on Instagram

Beck: @transembodimentproject on Instagram and beckbeverage.com

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