Happy Friday, folks, and welcome to Episode 4 of the Reembody Podcast!

Last month I sat down with Daniel Vidal and Roxanne Jafari, two neurosomatic therapists based out of Clearwater, Florida, to talk about how the Reembody Method has informed their work. Dan and Roxanne took the RCA-20 Apprentice Training Course in November 2017. (Their contact info and full bios can be found here, toward the bottom of the page).

In this nearly two-hour interview (edited down to 60 minutes), we covered a lot of ground:

🔹  Postural awareness (… and what is good posture, anyway?)

🔹 Movements to treat migraine headaches

🔹 Treating autistic with craniocervical manipulation

🔹 Nervous system dysfunction

🔹 Why physical therapy doesn’t (always) work

🔹  Predictable patterns of compensation

🔹  Working with clients with trauma

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