Since 2013, The Reembody Method has been changing lives and challenging the status quo for human movement health. In this short introductory episode, I sit down with Reembody Founder Kevin Moore to talk about what exactly this whole “Reembody” thing is—specifically:

  • Why we have a “dominant” and “non-dominant” side—and why “balancing out” should never be the goal
  • How to tell when a corrective exercise is working (hint: it should take 1 set of 1 rep)
  • Why strengthening one specific muscle is a waste of time
  • What happens in a typical Reembody session
  • How culture and psychology influence our a person’s relationship with their body

To cut to Kevin’s interview, jump to 3:30.

Future episodes will include excerpts from our twice-weekly office hours videos, interviews with brilliant movement experts, and life-changing private sessions.

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