We get a lot of questions about what exactly we do here at Reembody; it’s a little hard to explain because we’re a completely new, truly novel movement modality. We’re not Pilates, personal training, or physical therapy—but rather an approach to movement that provides the benefits of all three.

If you’ve tried it all, and still don’t have what you’re after—Reembody might be exactly what you need.

About the Reembody Method™

The Reembody Method™ is both unique and complementary to other movement modalities. What sets Reembody apart—and the reason why it works—is the idea that forces, rather than bones or muscles, are the fundamental units of human movement. As your body absorbs forces like gravity, friction, and inertia, your brain’s perception of them—as either safe or threatening—determines the quality of the movement that follows.

Through a series of diagnostic and corrective exercises, the Reembody Method™ will help you build predictions about how your brain and body will react. This information can be used to improve literally any pattern of movement, from sprinting to sleeping, singing to snatching. Reembody techniques have been successfully used in post-op surgery recovery, competitive triathlon training, Olympic-level athletic conditioning, even issues related to mental health. Concertmasters, opera singers, octagenarians, competitive swimmers and cyclists, people with stress injuries or high-stress jobs: the Reembody Method™ works for anybody with a body.

What can the Reembody Method™ do for you?

The Reembody Method™ is useful in treating a wide variety of issues. Often it’s the only thing that works, after our clients have been to a dozen doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals. We have had enormous success treating the following issues, among others:

  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Lethargy
  • Vertigo
  • Joint pain during exercise
  • Tight muscles (chronic or acute)
  • Conditioning plateaus
  • Low back pain
  • Weakness
  • Snoring and other sleep disruptions
  • Plantar’s fasciitis
  • Knee pain
  • Surgery recovery
  • Pre- and postpartum issues (including stress incontinence)

How does the Reembody Method™ work?

The Reembody Method™ starts with the premise that your body is, essentially, an object being acted upon by outside forces, and that how your brain interprets these forces is the deciding factor in the quality of your movement.

From piano playing to piano lifting, all of your movements are governed by the universal principles of physics that control all objects. Some of these you probably know (gravity, weight, friction) while others (torque, angular momentum, elasticity, centrifugal force) might be new to you.

The Reembody Method™ teaches you how to apply these forces to your benefit.

The method consists of three steps:


Through a series of simple movements, a Reembody coach will first determine your side dominance. Dominant and non-dominant sides have distinct strengths and weaknesses, and this is true for every person, regardless of health, size or strength. Your side-dominance pattern holds the key to everything that follows.


Your Reembody coach will help you expose predictable compensations and imbalances in your movements. These will then be challenged by exercises that redevelop neuromuscular connections, giving you control and range that you probably didn’t know were possible. Clients often see increases in flexibility and strength after only one session; some say it feels like being introduced to your body’s abilities as if for the first time. (Hence the name: Re-embody!)


As you practice, the new patterns to which you have been introduced will quickly become second-nature, allowing you to train harder, recover faster, or just move more comfortably. One-on-one treatment sessions provide immediate relief—and, over time, lasting effects. Free-form, 50-minute sessions are built around what you need.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

Because Reembody techniques change the way force moves through your body, most people experience a positive change immediately. For some people a single session is sufficient; others choose to work with a practitioner once or twice a week. Most clients choose to do 3-5 sessions over a one month period, followed by quarterly check-ups.

How long does a session last?

Most clients opt for 45-minute sessions, but 30- and 90-minute sessions are also available.

Where do sessions take place?

Because the Reembody Method™ does not require special equipment, any semi-private space is sufficient. Sessions can be held in any of the gyms or clinics around the world with whom Reembody has a working relationship or, depending on practitioner availability, in the comfort of your own home.

Reembody also provides online video consultations via Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, etc. Reembody-certified coaches are trained to be resourceful and creative in communicating essential principles and detailed cues, and video sessions have been a very successful tool for our clients worldwide. Video sessions also provide the opportunity for you to record the session and repeat the lesson as many times as you wish.

Don’t wait to get what you need. We’re here, and we can help!


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    Darrel Friedt

    Very interesting as my previous instructor just told me about the program and I want to know more.

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      Kevin Moore

      Who’s your instructor, Darrel? If there’s any more information we can provide, just let us know!


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