I receive questions every week asking me how to manage everything from leg cramps to sleep paralysis. The big stuff takes most of my attention, but sometimes it’s nice to take a look at the little annoyances that plague us from day to day, and alleviate them, before they become big stuff.

Here’s a recent question I received about backpacks:

“I have been noticing that when I carry my backpack, I always put on the right strap first. When I try to put the left strap on first, my brain can’t seem to figure out what’s supposed to happen. I can struggle with [it] and make it work, but it’s very uncomfortable and takes twice as much effort as throwing it over the right shoulder. What’s going on here?”

Have you ever noticed this happening to you? It’s not uncommon, and is a function of the innate neurological differences between our dominant and non-dominant sides. Check it out:

If you’d like to learn more about these dominant/non-dominant differences and how to use them to improve, well, just about everything, come join us for one of our events!



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