About The Founder

Reembody Method™ founder Kevin C. Moore has over a decade of experience as an instructor and master trainer of human movement. Kevin focused his early education in physics and biochemistry, but left the STEM fields in 2004 to pursue a career in professional dance and stage performance. He became certified in STOTT Pilates in 2005, studying under Melanie Byford-Young, and later accepted a teaching/mentorship position in Istanbul, Turkey under Master Trainer Gerda Ergul.

Training & accreditations

Kevin is a certified Barefoot Training Master Trainer through the EBFA, and a frequent presenter in their medical webinar series. Kevin’s writing and work has been featured on CNN, the Huffington Post, the Daily HIIT and the South China Morning Post. He has worked with Dr. Emily Splichal, Dr. Perry Nicholson, the US Women’s Fencing Team, Amber Evangeline Rogers, and Chuck Wolf, among others. He is a co-founder of New Body Ethic, an American-based non-profit aimed at creating a culture of responsible fitness.

Kevin differentiates himself from other health-and-wellness experts in one striking way: he is all about building up, not tearing down. Fear is a powerful engine for profit, particularly in the fitness industry; “health” blogs are full of taut bodies and empty promises. Kevin will never pander to people’s basest fears in this way. His philosophy is simple: every body is astonishing, just as it is, and true health stems from first understanding how your body works.