Everybody. Every body.

About the Reembody Method

Your body works hard to keep you safe. The Reembody Method is here to make that work easier.

It looks different for every person and the unique challenges they face, but with the right blend of coaching, manual practice, education, and—most importantly of all—trust building, we believe anyone can feel safer in their body.

A Little Background

Reembody began in Hong Kong in 2013 under Internationally-recognized Pilates instructor and movement specialist Kevin C. Moore. The goal: to provide an alternative to dogmatic, technique-based wellness modalities that put more energy into marketing than improving lives.

The Reembody Method emerged as a generative model: one that emphasizes helping clients understand why their bodies organize as they do, and empowering them to improvise solutions to their needs, rather than simply following a generic routine of exercises.

Reembody practitioners pull from a deep well of knowledge about human movement, neurobiology, psychology, comparative anatomy, even sociology and anthropology, to make sure that our efforts and interventions make sense in the context of the lives of the people we help.

What can the Reembody Method do for you?

The Reembody Method is useful in addressing a wide variety of needs. Our clients often find us after they've tried everything else without success. Issues we commonly help people with include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Chronic pain
  • Vertigo
  • Joint pain
  • Tight muscles
  • Conditioning plateaus
  • Low back pain
  • Snoring and other sleep disruptions
  • Plantar’s fasciitis
  • Knee pain
  • Surgery recovery
  • Pre- and postpartum issues (including stress incontinence)

How does the Reembody Method work?

Threat is the primary driver of body organization. We begin by assessing how threatened you feel, and how your body is managing those threats, from involuntary patterns of tension to voluntary behaviors and activities

From there its about generating a session space that is safe enough for you to explore practical ways of moving/using/feeling your body that obviate your symptoms and condition new skills.

That can mean anything from strengthening exercises to body scan meditation, from quiet manual practice, to online verbal coaching. With the Reembody Method, no two sessions look the same, and they're always about you as you are right now.

The Method consists of three steps:


With a little conversation and/or observation, we start to define the key elements of how your body is protecting you as you move through the world, whether that's unconscious patterns in your breathing, standing or walking, or body sensations you've been conditioned to ignore/avoid.



A Reembody practitioner's primary goal is to listen to your experience. With mutual understanding, a session can become a place where new movements can be explored and new sensations experienced through facilitated activities.



People that feel safe build new skills quickly. While traditional repetition might be a component of your session and aftercare, the real lasting benefit of The Reembody Method is awareness of how your body prepares for and engages with different situations, so that you can spot approaching symptoms before they appear—and worry less about them when they do.


How long does it take to feel the effects?

Most people experience a positive change immediately. For some a single session is sufficient; others choose to work with a practitioner once or twice a week. Most clients choose to do 3-5 sessions over a one month period, followed by quarterly check-ups.

How long does a session last?

45-minute sessions are standard, but 30- and 90-minute sessions are also available.

Where do sessions take place?

The Reembody Method has been providing online sessions in addition to in-person sessions since 2015. The Method is well adapted to online work because it does not require any special setting or equipment. For those that prefer in-person sessions with a local provider, sessions can take the form of home visits or at any of the movement spaces we contract with around the world. Message us to find a space near you.

Introducing Reembody Breathing Room

Reembody Breathing Room is a simple, powerful app that guides you through a practice of exploring how you feel using specialized vocabulary that focuses on body sensation, not on meaning. It creates a pause between the signals our body sends us and our evaluation of those signals in a cultural context.

The result: the experience of being in your body, free of judgement.

breathing room