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The Reembody Method™ is how you start to feel better.

Method-founder Kevin C Moore has designed an interdisciplinary model for understanding how we move our bodies when we feel threatened, and how, ultimately, to feel safer. Your Reembody session will be entirely about how to help you feel safer in your body, and access the health outcomes that come with it.





You are welcome to book your session first and pay after you’ve had an opportunity to experience your Reembody session.

Sessions can be purchased one at a time, or in packages of 5 or 10 (which are discounted).

In-Person Sessions

Kevin's private sessions blend light manual manipulation with the most practical, accessible movement coaching available.

Bring whatever you've got to your session, and expect to move and feel better when you leave.

Online Sessions

Need some one-on-one time with Kevin? Get what you need—even under quarantine—with an online session.

Using Zoom conferencing, you can get a personalized, effective session for whatever ails you. Don't wait for the covid 19 crisis to be over to feel better.


Working with Kevin

As a coach and movement instructor, Kevin is concise, clear-eyed and empathetic. Using a nuanced and practical understanding how humans move, Kevin will determine laterality, guarding behaviors and compensatory patterns.

He works with people from every conceivable background, from octogenarians to Olympic athletes, all over the world. Bring what you've got, and he'll meet you where you are.

His work has been featured on CNNThe Huffington PostBreaking MuscleThe Good Men Project, and the EBFA Webinar Series.

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"I totally enjoyed exploring the effects of the workshop on my yoga practice. I had the sense that I could access a great deal more strength and flexibility in my body by more knowledgeably manipulating torques and forces."

- Elyse Shafarman, Bay area yoga and Alexander Technique practitioner

"The Reembody workshop with Kevin Moore was an excellent educational experience for anyone in the fitness industry- or anyone who just wants to move without pain. I appreciated Kevin's enthusiasm, sense of humor, and and logical approach to assessing movement. He definitely helped me find more efficiency in my body and rethink how I move."

- Erin Nicole Boyt, Seattle-area dancer and choreographer

"I can't pick a favorite part of this course. It was well organized, the teacher was compassionate, humble and very knowledgable, the support staff was amazing. The amount of information could seem overwhelming at times, but there was ample time to absorb the info."

- Dr. Reba Akin, Portland-based naturopathic doctor

"Beyond the explanation of physical movement, [Kevin] provided a more in-depth and person-centered approach. The Reembody Method has truly changed my life."

- Trenton Kowalczuk, Texas-based yoga teacher and SUP instructor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Moore for two years now. Kevin brings an energy and enthusiasm to his presenting that automatically engages his audience. His level of knowledge, detail and passion for movement and the body makes him one of the best in the business.”

- Ryan Mannix, Triathlon Australia coach educator, NSW Australia

“His insight and knowledge are what make Kevin Moore stand out in the field of body mechanics practitioners. Every time I have worked with him, I feel like he “gets me”. Not only that, his remedies are life-changers. Another friend described him as a genius; I feel he’s a wizard (magic included) because time spent with him produces amazing results.”

- Connie Voss, Nurse

"With the help of the Reembody Method, I finally felt free, for the first time in my life. I am no longer controlled by fear. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the whole time."

Althea Chan, Hong Kong-based concert pianist