“What is the Reembody Breathing Room?”

The Reembody Breathing Room is a guided practice is based on the idea that our emotions are essentially physical sensations in the body to which we attach personal significance due to our lived experience.

If our life experiences have taught us that a particular way of feeling is dangerous, our unconscious behaviors will focus on how to separate us from our awareness of that feeling. 

That strategy works for a little while, but we cannot stay separated from our body indefinitely without incurring consequences—sometimes severe ones.  

The Reembody Breathing Room guides you through a practice of exploring how you feel using specialized vocabulary that focuses on body sensation, not on meaning. It creates a pause between the signals our body sends us and our evaluation of those signals..

In that pause, the systems of the body carry out their important work—processing, fueling, healing.

“How does it work?”

Each Reembody Breathing Room session begins by asking you to confirm that you are in a space where you feel prepared for a little self-reflection. It’s hard work, and we don’t always have the energy for it!

Next, you’ll be invited to breathe while a little specially designed color and music helps draw your attention toward feeling and away from thinking.

Your breathing moment can last as long as you like! Just tap the screen when you’re ready to move on.

Next, you’ll describe what you feel. An interactive selection screen with a wide variety of body sensations appears for you to choose from. The selections can be swiped away to help narrow down your options, ensuring that you find exactly the right choice for your experience.

Two more feeling selection screens will follow, giving you the option to assign more detail to how you’re feeling by adding movement and temperature. (Both of these can be skipped if they don’t apply.)

Every sensation must necessarily have a location, and identifying that location in your own body is the next phase. On the body provided, select any number of body areas that are experiencing the feeling you are trying to describe.

You’ll also get the opportunity to assign a color and a description of how pleasant or unpleasant your feeling is.

What you have now is a comprehensive description of a real feeling in your body, reflected back at you without judgement.

To keep that nonjudgemental space open just a little bit longer, you’ll be encouraged to take few moments to experience what your body is going through, rather than attempting to alter or act on it. There’s enormous value in this brief moment, even for the unpleasant stuff!

Finally, Reembody Breathing Room gives you the option of saving this experience in a private, secure space you can revisit any time, or sharing the experience with someone you trust.

A final acknowledgement lets you know your Reembody Breathing Room session has come to an end. Your moment of pause is over, and you’re ready to take what you’ve learned into the next moments of your life.

Welcome back to your body!

All of your sessions are viewable in the “MY SPACE” section.Reembody Breathing Room does not display the results of your sessions for other users. Who you share your sessions with—if anyone at all—is your business.

Since this is a new product, we would love it if you would click on the “ABOUT” section and send us some feedback on your experiences using the app. Any questions, comments, feedback or support requests can also be sent directly to info@reembody.me.

We’re confident that, as your list of sessions grows, so will a comfortable confidence in your ability to navigate the good and bad life has to offer.

We know that there are many things in life to be scared of … but being in your body shouldn’t have to be one of them.

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