This is the Reembody Method®

The Reembody Method® is the most comprehensive and practical system available for improving the quality of movement in the human body.

Drawing from both experiential and evidence-based practices, The Reembody Method allows practitioners to explore human movement in a way that is at once more sensible and more intuitive than conventional models.

The result: a robust, cutting-edge approach to improving performance—and reducing suffering.

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The Principles

1. Threat is the key factor in movement organization.

The environment includes forces like gravity, friction, and air pressure; the human skeleton uses these forces to generate work. How your nervous system interprets those forces—as threats or resources—sets in motion predictable and modifiable patterns of behavior.

2. Humans are highly specialized, and that is reflected in our form.

The structure of the human body is not an accident. Humans, like all animals, are highly specialized machines; our physiology, neurology, and psychology are keyed for specific tasks. Understanding how humans have developed—and comparing our adaptations to those of other vertebrates—provides valuable insight into human pathology and skeletal dysfunction, allowing the Reembody practitioner to design interventions and training protocols that exceed industry standards and patient expectations.

3. Human movement is fundamentally predictable.

The biggest failing of most health and wellness methods is an inability to view the human body in context. A myopic focus on the individual tissues of the body has led to a generation of practitioners who have memorized the names, origins, insertions, and other minutia of hundreds of tissues—but who cannot offer a meaningful explanation of what they do. By incorporating physical, evolutionary, and anthropological analysis into our understanding of human anatomy, the Reembody Method™ provides a powerful system for predicting—not merely assessing—quality of movement.

Reembody Practitioner Certification

RCA-20 (Level 1): Apprentice

20 hours in-class instruction

After a brief dialectical overview of the Reembody Method model, participants explore activities that illustrate the principles of body organization: where do our movement patterns come from? How are they employed, and when? What are the factors that result in the body behaving the way it does? These questions have clear, elegant answers, and introducing them is the first priority.

Next comes the vocabulary of the model, and of the various predictive tools used by the Reembody Method to trim assessment and focus interventions where they can have the most impact. Breakout groups and hands-on practice allow participants to internalize these tools quickly—regardless of their professional background—while leaving plenty of room and time for discovery and refinement.

Particular attention will be paid to essential human movements like gait, upright standing and throwing. From these basic functions, a broad understanding of more complex patterns becomes more intuitive.

The course format is agile, allowing for quick shifts between lecture, discussion and practicum—whatever serves the student’s real-time needs.

Completion of this course grants the title of Reembody Certified Apprentice (RCA), and allows enrollment in the level 2 Reembody Certified Apprentice Practitioner (RCAP) course.


Learning objectives:

  • Identify discrete environmental forces acting on the body
  • Develop basic proficiency in using Reembody Method predictive models
  • Explore the value of trauma-informed practice
  • Identify the basic principles of sensorimotor learning and skill acquisition
  • Incorporate information from other disciplines to deepen understanding of human movement
  • Understand the role of intuition in treatment, and identify techniques for honing intuition alongside conventional analysis
  • Learn how to assess wellness practices for their potential benefit and harm
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"I totally enjoyed exploring the effects of the workshop on my yoga practice. I had the sense that I could access a great deal more strength and flexibility in my body by more knowledgeably manipulating torques and forces."

- Elyse Shafarman, Bay area yoga and Alexander Technique practitioner

"The Reembody workshop with Kevin Moore was an excellent educational experience for anyone in the fitness industry- or anyone who just wants to move without pain. I appreciated Kevin's enthusiasm, sense of humor, and and logical approach to assessing movement. He definitely helped me find more efficiency in my body and rethink how I move."

- Erin Nicole Boyt, Seattle-area dancer and choreographer

"I can't pick a favorite part of this course. It was well organized, the teacher was compassionate, humble and very knowledgable, the support staff was amazing. The amount of information could seem overwhelming at times, but there was ample time to absorb the info."

- Dr. Reba Akin, Portland-based naturopathic doctor

"Beyond the explanation of physical movement, [Kevin] provided a more in-depth and person-centered approach. The Reembody Method has truly changed my life."

- Trenton Kowalczuk, Texas-based yoga teacher and SUP instructor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Moore for two years now. Kevin brings an energy and enthusiasm to his presenting that automatically engages his audience. His level of knowledge, detail and passion for movement and the body makes him one of the best in the business.”

- Ryan Mannix, Triathlon Australia coach educator, NSW Australia

“His insight and knowledge are what make Kevin Moore stand out in the field of body mechanics practitioners. Every time I have worked with him, I feel like he “gets me”. Not only that, his remedies are life-changers. Another friend described him as a genius; I feel he’s a wizard (magic included) because time spent with him produces amazing results.”

- Connie Voss, Nurse

"With the help of the Reembody Method, I finally felt free, for the first time in my life. I am no longer controlled by fear. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the whole time."

Althea Chan, Hong Kong-based concert pianist