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The Evidence-Based Fitness Academy

The EBFA is a movement education company based out of NYC. The founder, Dr. Emily Splichal is a giant in the industry of functional fitness.

The EBFA’s primary focus is foot and ankle function; It is the go-to institution for up-do-date research and information regarding foot health and it’s impact on pain, strength and mobility. No one is doing it better.

Kevin has personally studied under Dr. Emily and contracted with the EBFA as a Barefoot Training Specialist. You can see some of the web presentations he's done for them here and here


Go Kaleo

The frequently controversial and more frequently right Amber Evangeline Rogers is a nutrition expert working hard to introduce little concepts like "fact-checking" and "reason" to the public discourse on health, diet and body image. No small task, you may have noticed. Her web home, Go Kaleo (a parody on all this paleo diet nonsense), is full of resources for folks at every size, shape and athletic ability, including a couple published titles.

Patrick Mustain

Patrick is the Communications Manager for the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, a writer for the Scientific American Food Matters blog and one of the smartest, clearest voices in health science the internet has to offer.With a strong emphasis on population-level health, Patrick not only understands the connection between socio-economic behavior and health outcomes, but is among the few willing to leverage these concepts to solve public health problems.In a world where everyone’s trying to make the sexy answer sound smart, this guy is making the smart answers sexy.

Be sure to check out his work on YouTube and Vimeo.