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Introducing The Reembody Breathing Room App

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The Reembody Breathing Room is based on the idea that our emotions are essentially physical sensations in the body to which we attach personal significance due to our lived experience.

If our life experiences have taught us that a particular way of feeling is dangerous, our unconscious behaviors will focus on how to separate us from our awareness of the underlying sensations that make up that feeling. 

That strategy works for a little while, but we cannot stay separated from our body indefinitely without incurring consequences—sometimes severe ones.  

The Reembody Breathing Room guides you through a practice of exploring how you feel using specialized vocabulary that focuses on body sensation, not on meaning. It creates a pause between the signals our body sends us and our evaluation of those signals..

In that pause, the systems of the body carry out their important work—processing, fueling, healing.

Such a great app to help with getting connected with my body, my sensations and build more resilience!"

- Coach Tiffany, RN

"Very soothing experience. I don't sit with pain well, physical or emotional. Having a hand held app to hold space to acknowledge, sit with my feelings/sensations, and not try to tell you what to do about it is validating as hell. Between the soothing visual and soft music (that you can mute if needed) it invited comfort to sit with discomfort all at once. You are simply allowed to be and feel entirely as you are. Big fan. I know this will be a game changer for my panic attacks. Thank you!!!!

 - Taylor Harris

Self-Guided, Holistic Healing

Here's how it works

Check out the walkthrough video or click below for a text based tutorial.


We welcome your feedback

The most important thing about this beta release is to give YOU the opportunity to tell us your thoughts about the Reembody Breathing Room app. Any feedback you have - good or bad - will help us create something that helps *everyone* feel a little safer in their bodies.

To share your experience, click the link below or email us at info@reembody.me.


Thank you so much for being a part of this process!

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